Utilite U-Boot Supported Features

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Utilite U-Boot package v3 - supported features
Status Notes
OS images
Legacy uImage Supported
zImage Supported
ELF Supported
FDT Supported
I/O Interfaces
USB host ports Supported
USB OTG host Supported
I2C Supported
RS232 ports Supported
PCIe Not supported Support not planned
Display Interfaces
HDMI (primary) Supported
DVI (secondary) Not supported Support to be added in future releases.
GbE ports Supported Only the first port is supported
TFTP protocol Supported
NFS protocol Supported
DHCP protocol Supported
Storage Devices
Micro-SD socket Supported
Internal mSATA storage Supported
SPI flash Supported
FAT Supported
EXT2 Supported
EXT4 Supported
Generic distro support Supported A set of basic features and settings for OS distros.
User modifiable environment Supported
HDMI console Supported
USB keyboard Supported
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