Utilite U-Boot Known Issues

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Boot issues
  • On first engineering samples the boot sequence is incorrect: Utilite does not try to boot from MMC, and instead attempts only SPI flash boot.
Workaround: The following set of U-Boot commands will force Utilite to do MMC boot:
mw 20d8040 3042 && mw 20d8044 10000000 && reset
Status : Resolved
Copy paste limitations
  • When HDMI console and/or USB keyboard input is enabled, copy/paste via serial console is limited to ~32 characters.
Workaround 1: Only copy paste up to 32 characters at a time.
Workaround 2: Disable HDMI console and USB keyboard while working via serial console by running the following commands:
setenv stdin serial && setenv stdout serial && setenv stderr serial && saveenv
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