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Hardware devices support
  • Some memory consuming applications like Totem, Update Center etc may not work or cause system hang.
Solution: Create swap file or partition : SwapFaq.
Status : Resolved

  • The unit is not recognized as peripheral device if connected to the host computer via OTG port.
Solution: Load required peripheral (gadget) driver.
Status : Resolved

  • SD card present at boot preclude boot from SSD.
Solution: Update the bootcmd U-boot variable with
 utilite@utilite-desktop:/root$ sudo fw_setenv bootcmd 'mmc dev ${mmcdev}; if mmc rescan; then if run loadmmcbootscript; then run mmcbootscript; else if run mmcloadkernel; then run mmcboot; fi; fi; fi; if sata init; then if run loadsatabootscript; then run satabootscript; else if run sataloadkernel; then run sataboot; fi; fi; fi;' 
Status : Resolved

  • Default audio output device for new user account is SPDIF and audio settings changes are not saved after reboot.
Solution: Use Pulse Audio Control Center to adjust initial sound settings for the new user.
Status : Resolved
User Space Issues
  • Unable to install some common applications via software center. Returned error – package not found.
Solution: Open terminal application and run
apt-get update
Status : Resolved

  • Unable to establish remote connection to the Utilite ssh server after Linux image installation.
Solution: Run Post Install Procedure
Status : Resolved

  • User Accounts settings called within System Indicator applet - crashes.
Workaround: Use Applications->System Tools->Administration->Users and Groups application
Status : Resolved

  • Unable to install XFCE or Cinnamon desktop managers using standard repositories
Solution: Not available
Status : Cinnamon desktop managers do not support ARM platforms.

  • Unable to reboot/shutdown the unit using GUI when established connection to the serial console.
Workaround: Log-out from root session, then reboot/shutdown.
Status : Resolved
Media Streaming
  • Adobe Flash cannot be played
Solution: Not available
Status : There is no Flash support for ARM platforms, as Adobe has officially discontinued Flash for ARM.

  • Continuous video playback of high quality media with the Totem player may cause playback failure. It is not possible to continue the playback after the failure.
Solution: Edit memory allocation boot options:
 utilite@utilite-desktop:/root$ sudo fw_setenv video 'cm_fx6_v4l_msize=128M vmalloc=256M' 
Status : Resolved

  • Cheese application crashes
Workaround: Use another video streaming application like guvcview.
Status : Under investigation.

  • Totem fails to play some media files encoded with MKV container, while succeeds to play the same media encoded in another container.
Solution: Some recent versions of MKV container are not supported by the i.MX6 GStreamer plugins. It is possible to parse the media with a custom GStreamer pipeline using another container parser.
Status : Unresolved.
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