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This page provides reference to all supported Ubuntu Linux images for Utilite.

Ubuntu Linux Image

Ubuntu Precise Pangolin(12.04.3 LTS)


Change Log

Release date: 17-Dec-2014

  • Kernel version 3.0.35-cm-fx6-6.3
    • Added SATA suspend resume
    • Fixed occasional reboot issue
    • Fixed SATA device initialization
    • Fixed PCIE controller power/clock/reset sequence
    • Fixed overall stability
  • User Space
    • Updated WiFi firmware
    • Removed udev-rules-compulab package


Change Log

Release date: 27-Jan-2014

  • Added NTFS support
  • Fixed video pixelation issues in totem
  • Fixed SATA initialization issue


Change Log

Release date: 12-Dec-2013

  • Switched to gnome/unity desktop environment
  • Changed 'root' and 'utilite' user passwords to '111111'
  • Added support for additional video and audio codecs
  • Added HTML5 support (SW decoding only)
  • Added support for hardware RTC
  • Added support for additional USB devices (cameras, decoders, serial adapters, storage devices, HID devices, printers etc.)
  • Added Bluetooth manager and enabled Bluetooth service by default
  • Added NFS server support
  • Added support for back-panel serial port
  • Added support for power-off button
  • Added support for screen resolution switching in GUI
  • Fixed various Ubuntu stability issues
  • Fixed “COULD NOT SET ...” virtual regulator issues
  • Fixed parasitic processes issue resulting in high system load average
  • Fixed sound configuration issues
  • Fixed MMC/SD card support issue
  • Fixed analog audio under-sampling issues
  • Fixed SW shutdown
  • Changed default WiFi power management settings to off


Change Log

Release date: 25-Sep-2013

  • First release
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