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The procedure described below outlines the steps necessary to update or re-install Ubuntu Linux onto Utilite2.

Installation target media

Proprietary firmware as well as boot image that includes prebuilt Linux kernel and initial ramdisk are installed onto the on-board eMMC.

Root filesytem can be installed on one of the supported storage devices:

  • On-board eMMC
  • Internal SATA storage
  • External USB storage

Pre-installation setup requirements

  • Utilite2 computer.
  • Display screen connected to the Utilite2 HDMI display port.
  • USB keyboard or/and mouse.
  • Utilite2 power supply.
  • Micro-SD card with at least 4GB capacity.
  • USB card reader for flashing the installation environment.


Prepare Installer

  • Download the latest Utilite2 OS installer image to your host PC.
  • Ensure the integrity of the file with md5sum utility. For example:
 #> md5sum utilite2_ubuntu-installer-image_2015-07-30.zip
a160f02654d7b3930165fad01f31f2e7  utilite2_ubuntu-installer-image_2015-07-30.zip
  • Unzip the archive to get the dd image of installer (.dd file).
  • Create a bootable micro-SD card using dd image of installer from the package. Please refer to Installation From Img Files for instructions.
Admolition note.png Any commercially available micro-SD card of 4GB (or larger) may be used for the installation.

Launch Installer

  • Make sure a desired target media (e.g. USB/SATA storage) is connected.
  • Insert the prepared micro-SD card containing installer into the Utilite2 micro-SD socket and turn on the Utilite2 computer.
  • Utilite2 will automatically boot into the installer LXDE desktop and invoke the installation procedure.
  • If from some reason the installation procedure does not start automatically, please double click on the Utilite Image Installer desktop icon to begin installation.
  • Follow the installation wizard instructions.

Booting after Installation

  • After the installation is complete, shut down Utilite2 and remove the installation micro-SD card.
  • Turn on the Utilite2 computer.
Admolition note.png If the installation micro-SD card is not removed, Utilite2 will automatically boot from the micro-SD card into the installer.
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