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Utilite2 Overview

Front view


Rear view


Utilite2 Models

For detailed description of the different Utilite2 models please refer to http://www.compulab.co.il/utilite-computer/web/utilite2-models

Quick Setup

  • Connect the display to the Utilite2 HDMI display output using a standard HDMI cable.
  • Connect USB mouse and keyboard devices to the Utilite2 USB connectors.
  • Insert the AC power-supply blade into the power supply unit.
  • Insert the power supply plug into the Utilite2 power jack. Turn the power plug clock-wise to lock the plug.
  • Plug the power supply unit into an AC outlet. Utilite2 will turn on and boot.

First Boot

Utilite2 will automatically boot into the OS. Log in using the following user details:

  • Username: utilite
  • Password: 111111

Administrator Access

For administrator privileges login with the following user details:

  • Username: root
  • Password: 111111

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