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The software package provides required resources for both evaluation and development of Android on Utilite2 device.
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Software package structure


The contents of version.txt file identify software package version.


Prebuilt Android partition images ready for deployment on eMMC:

  • boot.img - boot partition image
  • system.img - system partition image
  • cache.img - cache partition image
  • userdata.img - data partition image


Kernel development resources:

  • zImage-3.4.0-cm-qs600.bin - prebuilt kernel image
  • modules-3.4.0-cm-qs600.tar.xz - prebuilt kernel modules tarball
  • linux-3.4.0-cm-qs600.config - kernel configuration file (.config as opposed to the compact defconfig)
  • linux-3.4.0-cm-qs600.patch - a patch against LNX.LA.2.7-06310-8064.0 tag, adding support for CM-QS600 peripherals
  • patches - an ordered collection of patches making up the grand patch above


Prebuilt utilities useful for accessing CM-QS600 via USB from the Linux environment:

  • fastboot - fastboot client
  • adb - Android Debug Bridge client
  • abootimg - boot image manipulation tool
  • mkbootimg - boot image manipulation tool


Prebuilt utilities useful for accessing CM-QS600 via USB from the Windows environment:

  • android_usb_driver - USB driver
  • fastboot - fastboot client
  • adb - Android Debug Bridge client


Prebuilt utilities, along with their source code, useful for CM-QS600 on-board hacking:

  • eeprom-util - CompuLab tool for reading data stored in EEPROM
  • busybox - single executable providing many common UNIX command line tools
  • shell-tunnel - utility useful for providing root access to Android applications


Android development resources including, but not limited to, kernel development:

  • cm-qs600-qcom-proprietary.tar.xz - prebuilt Qualcomm proprietary libraries
  • changelog.txt - the log of changes made by CompuLab Android-wise, with reference to touched sub-repositories
  • compulab-patch-apply.sh - a script for applying CompuLab patches Android-wise
  • patches - CompuLab patchset to be applied Android-wise

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