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Utilite2 supported features are operated using normal Android controls.
This page contains information about features and services, which are less straight-forward to operate, or are less widely known.

Operating instructions

Automatic suspend when inactive

By default, Utilite2 is configured to stay awake while connected to the power.
In order to change this behavior, proceed to Settings->Developer options, uncheck Stay awake ... while charging to enable the device suspend state.

Admolition note.png If Developer options item is hidden, re-introduce it proceeding to Settings->About tablet and clicking on Build number 7 times consequently.


Normal Android behavior is to prioritize network interfaces (in descend order):

  • Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi
  • 3G

Whenever higher-priority network interface is available, the lower-priority interfaces will be torn down.

Cellular Modem

CM-QS600 Android supports Telit HE910-XX 3G modem (supplied optionally) out of the box.
In case Telit HE910-XX 3G modem is installed, it will be detected and started automatically, with no additional actions required.

Audio sink selection

Utilite2 may use either HDMI or analog audio device. Audio sink selection should be done with a designated application, e.g. SoundAbout, available via Google Play Store.

audio device sink name
HDMI Aux Digital (HDMI)
analog Wired Headphones

Admolition note.png If after making the selection with SoundAbout the sound routing does not change, restart the application.

Start-up script

/system/etc/startup-svc.sh script is run upon system boot by Android init process with root permissions.
Prior to attempting editing the script, remount system partition 'rw', issuing on a PC workstation:

$ adb remount
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