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The following outlines the procedure necessary to install Android on the CompuLab Utilite2 device.

Installation target media

Utilite2 uses on-board eMMC as root file system medium.

Admolition note.png Additional media might be enabled in the coming releases.

Installation onto eMMC

Preparation steps

Utilite2 - bottom view.
  • Utilite2 device.
  • PC workstation with installed fastboot client software.
  • Connect HDMI display to the Utilite2 (optional).
  • Connect USB cable between the Utilite2 USB OTG (P7) jack and PC workstation, in order to enable fastboot protocol.

Flashing Android image

  • Decompress the file, in order to access Android partition images.
  • Enter fastboot mode following the procedure below:
    • Screw off the bottom of Utilite2 enclosure.
    • Identify boot select button.
    • Apply power to the Utilite2, while pressing the boot select button.
Admolition note.png There exist additional options for forcing fastboot mode.
  • Flash each partition image file to the eMMC with the aid of fastboot utility:
$ fastboot flash boot     boot.img
$ fastboot flash system   system.img
$ fastboot flash cache    cache.img
$ fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
  • Reboot the Utilite2 device:
$ fastboot reboot


  • Power on
  • Wait for the boot process to complete

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