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Trim-Slice Overview

Front view

Front view.png

Rear view

Rear view.png

Side view

Right view.png
Left view.png

Trim-Slice Models

For detailed description of the different Trim-Slice models please refer to

  • Trim-Slice Pro and Trim-Slice Value are supplied with internal storage pre-loaded with an OS image. For these models please proceed to Recommended Setup.
  • Trim-Slice Barebone does not feature internal storage and requires OS installation. Please proceed to OS Installation and update.

Recommended Setup

  • Connect an HDMI display to the Trim-Slice HDMI primary display output using a standard HDMI cable. DVI displays may be connected using a standard DVI cable and the HDMI-to-DVI adapter included in the Trim-Slice package.
  • Connect USB mouse and keyboard devices to the Trim-Slice USB connectors.
  • Insert the AC power-supply blade into the power supply unit.
  • Insert the power supply plug into the Trim-Slice power jack. Turn the power plug clock-wise to lock the plug.
Power plug connection.png
  • Plug the power supply unit into an AC outlet. Trim-Slice will turn on and boot.

First Boot

Trim-Slice models with pre-loaded OS images will automatically boot into the OS. Log in using the following user details:

  • Username: trim
  • Password: 111111

Administrator Access

For administrator privileges login with the following user details:

  • Username: root
  • Password: 111111

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