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The Firmware Updater utility enables a simple automated firmware update procedure. The firmware updater flashes the on-board SPI flash storage with new BCT, U-Boot and U-Boot environment.

Admolition note.png The Firmware Updater will overwrite any custom changes made to the U-Boot environment.

Installation source media

The Trim-Slice firmware update source device is the front SD socket. Any commercially available SD card of 512MB (or larger) may be used for the update procedure.

Firmware update target media

The updater utility flashes the firmware images onto the Trim-Slice on-board SPI flash.

Pre-installation setup requirements

  • Power supply
  • SD card with at least 512MB capacity.


>> md5sum
output: 5d4e06bd9cd429fe5757b6a280c5c225
  • Unzip the archive into firmware-updater.img
  • Create a firmware SD card using the uncompressed firmware-updater.img file. Please refer to Installation From Img Files for instructions.
  • Open the micro-SD security door to access the recovery-boot button.
  • Insert the firmware SD card into the front SD socket.
  • Unscrew the micro-SD door security screw. Open the micro-SD door.
  • Power on the Trim-Slice while pressing the recovery-boot button.
  • The Trim-Slice will automatically boot and write the new firmware onto the SPI flash.
  • When the update process is complete, the Trim-Slice indicator LEDs start to blink.
  • Shut down Trim-Slice and remove the firmware SD card.
  • Restart Trim-Slice.
Admolition note.png If the firmware SD card is not removed, Trim-Slice will automatically attempt to repeat the firmware update procedure.
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